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Florida Government Online offers an extensive listing of resources related to the environment in the Sunshine State. Whether you're looking for information about air quality, are interested in the Clean Marina Program, or want to learn about solar energy, we can help.

Our lengthy selection of resources related to Florida's environment allows you to find out about many environmental resources in the state of Florida. Whether you're looking for information about drinking water or mercury in marine fish, our resources will help you find the information you need as quickly as possible.


  • Air Quality - Learn about ozone and particle pollution levels in Florida.
  • Air Quality, Indoor - Learn about the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act (FCIAA), which was enacted by the Florida Legislature in 1985.
  • Brownfields Redevelopment Program - This program aims to reduce hazards and encourage cleanup and redevelopment on commercial and industrial sites.
  • Clean Marina Program - To meet both the letter and the spirit of environmental laws, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is in partnership with both private and public entities in the marine industry to develop a Clean Marina Program.
  • Composting/Organics Recycling Program - This program is involved with recycling of organic solid wastes.
  • Drinking Water - The Department of Environmental Protection has the primary role of regulating public water systems in Florida.
  • Environment News - Read the latest press releases and newsletters from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Environmental Education - This program seeks to cultivate and support environmental citizenship: the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Florida's environment; and the capacity to think critically, and participate constructively in its protection.
  • Environmental Protection, Department of - View environmental resources for citizens, educators, businesses, and government.
  • Environmental/Storage Tank Regulation - The Storage Tank Regulation Section is part of the Bureau of Petroleum Storage Systems in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's (FDEP) Division of Waste Management.
  • Fees, Solid Waste - Learn about when a solid waste fee must be paid in Florida.
  • Geological Survey - The Florida Geological Survey (FGS) is the only agency in the State of Florida which collects, stores, interprets, maintains, and publishes geologic and hydrogeologic data from throughout the State.
  • Hazardous Waste Management - Many households and businesses use hazardous materials in their daily activities. These activities often produce wastes that injure living things. Hazardous wastes must be handled in special ways to prevent threats to human health and the environment.
  • Hydrogeology - Hydrogeology is the study of ground water with emphasis given to its chemistry, modes of movement, and relation to the geologic environment.
  • Invasive Plant Management, Bureau of - The Bureau of Invasive Plant Management is the lead agency in Florida responsible for coordinating and funding two statewide programs controlling invasive aquatic and upland plants on public conservation lands and waterways throughout the state.
  • Kid's Page, Environment - View the Kids Page from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inspection, Bureau of - The Florida Bureau of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inspection (LP Gas) is charged with the safety regulation of liquefied petroleum gas in Florida wherever this product is stored, distributed, transported and utilized.
  • Marina - The Florida Department of Environmental Protection formed the Clean Boating Partnership to work with private organizations such as Marine Industries Association of Florida in their commitment to improving the health and cleanliness of our waterways.
  • Mercury in Marine Fish - In large enough doses, mercury is toxic to mammals, birds, and fish. Mercury can cause severe nerve and brain damage, sight and hearing loss, and birth defects.
  • Mine Reclamation - The environmental resources program provides ecological planning and support for the other mine reclamation programs.
  • Pollution - The Florida Pollution Prevention Program helps organizations use pollution prevention strategies that maximize production efficiency and minimize waste.
  • Radon - Read a discussion of radon issues in Florida, view a list of certified radon businesses and individuals, and read guidance, instructions and requirements for facilities required to test for radon.
  • Recycling - The Recycling Program is responsible for monitoring and reporting on recycling and waste reduction programs across the state, as well as providing technical assistance.
  • Sewage Programs, Bureau of Onsite - The aim of the Bureau is to protect the public health and environment through a comprehensive onsite sewage program.
  • Sinkholes - Learn about sinkholes, a common feature of Florida's landscape.
  • Solar Energy - View news releases, publications, and resources concerning solar energy.
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste, Bureau of - The responsibilities of the Bureau include hazardous waste management and regulation, solid waste management, and waste reduction.
  • Underground Injection Control - Learn about the Underground Injection Control program from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Wastewater - Read current wastewater treatment facilities reports.
  • Water Management Districts - The Department of Environmental Protection manages the quality and quantity of water through its relationship with the state's five water management districts and the adoption and implementation of The Florida Water Policy and The Florida Water Plan.
  • Water Resource Management - Water Resource Management Programs are responsible for protecting the quality of Florida drinking water as well as its rivers, lakes and wetlands, and for reclaiming lands after they have been mined for phosphate and other minerals.
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