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We have a great listing of resources about construction in the Sunshine State. Whether you're looking for information about bridge products in Florida, are interested in details about current construction products on Florida's highways, or want to learn more about worker's compensation in the construction industry, we can help.

Our selection of Florida construction resources allows you to find out about many resources relating to construction in the state of Florida. Whether you're looking for information about construction licensing, or more information about how to choose a contractor, our resources will help you find the information you need as quickly as possible.


  • Bridges - Find out about bridge projects in Florida.
  • Building Codes - Gain access to public and secured electronic information associated with the Florida Building Code.
  • Construction, Highway - Get details on current construction projects on Florida's highways.
  • Construction, Licensing of - Read about board meetings, licensing, and worker's compensation.
  • Contractors - Learn the difference between different classes of construction contractors.
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