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Laws & Statutes

Florida Government Online has all sorts of information on Florida laws and Florida statutes. The information at Florida Government Online covers all types of laws, from marriage to antitrust laws. For example, if you're looking for specific Florida driving laws, we can connect you to the Florida DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). If you're looking for laws covering criminal justice and the like, we can point you towards the Florida Department of Corrections.

With our extensive list of resources for Florida laws and statutes, we can help you find the legal information you need to make the best use of our Florida governmental system.


  • Administrative Code, Florida - The Florida Administrative Code on the Web provides citizens direct access to adopted rules and regulations affecting all Floridians.
  • Administrative Weekly, Florida - The Florida Administrative Weekly on the Web provides citizens direct access to proposed rules and regulations affecting all Floridians, as well as notices of public meetings and bid announcements.
  • Antitrust - The primary focus of the Antitrust Section is the enforcement of state and federal antitrust laws through civil investigations and litigation under authority granted the Attorney General in the Florida Statutes.
  • Civil Rights - Learn about the Title VII Civil Rights Program in Florida.
  • Concealed Weapons and Firearms - Read about legislation affecting the rights of concealed weapons license holders, safety tips, and lawful self-defense.
  • Dissolution of Marriage - View the Florida Statute concerning dissolution of marriage, support, and custody.
  • Driver Handbook - Order a copy of the Florida Driver Handbook or view it online.
  • Driving Under the Influence - View the penalties for driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, chemical substances, or controlled substances.
  • Firearms, Concealed - Learn which states recognize a Florida license, about firearm safety tips, and about lawful self-defense.
  • Foreign National Arrest/Detention - View Foreign National Arrest/Detention Guidelines.
  • Guns/Concealed Weapons - Learn more about the concealed weapon or firearm program.
  • Labor - Search Florida Statutes or read frequently asked questions about Florida Labor Laws.
  • Laws, Florida - View a digest of general laws from the Florida Legislature.
  • Lawyers - Use The Florida Bar web site to locate an attorney.
  • Legal Proceedings - View a notification of legal proceedings listing from the Florida Office of Statewide Prosecution.
  • Most Wanted - View persons most wanted for identity theft and most wanted fugitives.
  • Pay Traffic Ticket - Pay your traffic ticket online and sign up for traffic school at the same time.
  • Phishing - Learn about phishing, a type of theft that lures victims into revealing personal information, such as financial account numbers, resulting in the looting of those accounts.
  • Smoking, Indoor - Learn about the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act, enacted to protect people from the hazards of second-hand tobacco smoke.
  • Statutes - View Florida state statutes.
  • Traffic Homicide Investigations - The Traffic Homicide Investigations Unit was created in 1967 to meet the Florida Highway Patrol's desire to provide a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances resulting in all traffic-related deaths in the State of Florida.
  • Victim Assistance - The primary function of the Victim Assistance Office is to assist victims of crimes committed by inmates in the Department's custody or under our supervision, and to notify victims prior to an inmate's release.
  • Victims' Rights - View a variety of links regarding victims' rights in Florida.
  • Wanted Criminals - Conduct a search for wanted criminals.
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