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Community Relations Service

Community Relations Service, Florida Commission on Human Relations

The CRS mission is: "To prevent or resolve community conflicts and tensions arising from actions, policies, and practices perceived to be discriminatory. CRS will provide services, including mediation and technical assistance, directly to people and their communities to help them resolve conflicts that tear at the fabric of our increasingly diverse society."

Related topics:

  • Disabilities - The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council encourages and advocates opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities and their families, to enhance their quality of life within their communities.
  • Discrimination - The Florida Commission on Human Relations is dedicated to eliminating discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, marital status or familial status.
  • Minority Business Council - Florida's minority business enterprises increase revenue and build strong supplier partnerships with corporations when they leverage networks and continuously build capacity.
  • One Florida Initiative - The goal of the One Florida Initiative is to increase opportunity and diversity in the state's universities and in state contracting without using policies that discriminate or that pit one racial group against another.
  • Supplier Diversity, Office of - The function of the Office of Supplier Diversity is to improve business and economic opportunities for women-owned and minority-owned businesses in Florida.
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