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The Florida Bar

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  • Bankruptcy Courts - View web site listings for Florida bankruptcy courts.
  • Consumer Issues - View hotlines, online forms, publications and consumer links.
  • Corrections, Department of - The Department of Corrections protects the public by operating a safe, secure, humane and efficient corrections system.
  • Corrections, Department of/Statistics & Publications - View statistics and publications from the Florida Department of Corrections.
  • Court - View information on the Florida Court System for the general public, legal community, and press & media.
  • Crime Statistics - View crime statistics for the state of Florida.
  • Criminal Appeals - The Attorney General is the chief legal officer for the State of Florida and represents and defends the prosecution in all criminal appeals in state and federal courts.
  • Death Row - View a Death Row Fact Sheet.
  • Dissolution of Marriage - View the Florida Statute concerning dissolution of marriage, support, and custody.
  • Divorce - Learn how to obtain a divorce certificate.
  • Domestic Violence - View information about safety planning, legal assistance, and domestic violence statistics.
  • Driving Records - Get instructions on how to obtain a copy of your driving record.
  • Grand Jury Reports - View statewide grand jury reports online.
  • Highway Patrol - Learn about career opportunities with FHP, view a live traffic crash and road conditions report, or take an aggressive driver test.
  • Identity Theft - Learn about the crime of identity theft.
  • Information and Referral Services - Get information about 2-1-1 helplines in Florida.
  • Jury Duty - Get information on jury service in the Florida State Courts.
  • Law Enforcement, Florida Department of - View information about domestic violence, the officer certification exam, and background checks.
  • Laws, Florida - View a digest of general laws from the Florida Legislature.
  • Lawyers - Use The Florida Bar web site to locate an attorney.
  • Living Will - View Living Will information provided by the Florida Bar.
  • Police Departments - View a list of local police departments in Florida.
  • Prisoners - This database contains public record information on felony offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections.
  • Prisons - View a list of institutions for incarcerated felons in Florida.
  • Sheriffs Association - The Florida Sheriffs Association offers affordable training and provides legal services.
  • Tenant Rights and Responsibilities - Find out what you need to know before you rent, how oral and written leases work, and what you need to know when you decide to move.
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